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PKMNRESA Alignment Meme v.2
decided to redo this meme since my new characters have arrived and my old characters have changed!


Sylvie: Lawful Good. she wants to make everybody happy, genuinely believes the best in everyone, and she's afraid to break the rules
Sandra: Lawful Good. vanilla tier
Berry: Lawful Good/Neutral Good. she thinks bullies should be punished but she also thinks a lot of rules are unfair
Yaromir: Neutral Good/Chaotic Good. he tries his best and he messes up a lot but he just 
Francesca: Chaotic Good. will do whatever it takes to make friends! she knows how to tone down the chaotic though
Vak'na: Lawful Good/Lawful Neutral. still feels very patriotic/nostalgic for their country even though they know they did a lot of bad things and wants to atone for them
Rhea: Neutral Good/True Neutral. struggles to do the right thing in a position of extreme power. in the past she was more chaotic neutral.
Cilia: Chaotic Good/Chaotic Neutral. she just wants to have fun! generally she doesn't judge people super hard
Justin: Lawful Neutral. very uptight with rules. still struggling to be a better person, still has a big mean streak lol
Diamant: True Neutral. Does Not Care About People
Michelle: True Neutral. all over the place honestly. some days she'll be chaotic neutral, some days she'll be lawful good. etc. hard to pin down
Kendall: Chaotic Neutral. likes to challenge the status quo, loves to swear in front of adults (gasp)
Seamripper: Lawful Neutral/Lawful Evil. i say lawful because of her staunch loyalty to marcus/The Street Rules. she's not afraid to get down and dirty but she will not go against what he says. in an alternate universe she would be more of a law-abiding citizen
Phoebe: Chaotic Neutral/Chaotic Evil. has trouble understanding people therefore has trouble understanding ethics/where to draw the line in the world of Science. she has the potential to be kind and caring but equal potential to be cruel. even when she is nice, she is ultimately self-serving.
Teresa: Lawful Evil. wants to be in charge and in control and have everything in its neat little box where she can play with it.
Az: Neutral Evil. still evil. he has a huge chaotic side but his muse has softened up a bit since he died.
Lucifer: Chaotic Evil. likes making other people miserable, but he's not irredeemable.
Ian: Chaotic Evil. horrible. terrible. he kills people for fun!!!! under yve he acts a lot more lawful but unrestrained his true nature is very chaotic
Jun: Lawful Evil. the ultimate corrupt dictator.
sometimes i just cant contain my npcs to their npc box and they threaten me until i upgrade them to official character status

  • Name: Ian

  • Age: 35

  • Gender: male

  • Species: Crobat

  • Ability: Infiltrator

  • Moveset

    • Acrobatics

    • Toxic (he has to sing the song every time)

    • Mean Look

    • Roost

  • Current Residence: Yve's palace

  • Birth Place: a secret!

  • Job: Yve's henchman/undercover agent/boy toy

  • Ian is a naturally flirty guy who winks and whistles in every direction he can see - but don't let that deceive you, he's completely devoted to Yve and would do anything for her. He is adept at playing different roles to fit different situations, perfect for disguising himself to go undercover and bring back intel. He always wears his sunglasses and claims it's "to avoid the paparazzi." (But really? they're prescription sunglasses.)

    • Likes: Yve and absolutely everything about her, singing and dancing, sexy clothes (on himself or on anyone else), murder, Britney Spears

    • Dislikes: Being restricted, being without his sunglasses, cheap food, disappointing Yve

  • Orientation: Bisexual

  • History: He's been growing out his hair for a while now.

  • Family information: He has (had?) one but he doesn't talk about them.

  • Favourite jelly bean flavour: cherry

Hey everyone! I know I rarely ever post journals on this site, but this is important enough to make one. My friend MystDreamer is in a lot of financial trouble right now and is taking commissions to raise money!!! Please check out their journal with all the pricing information over here:
<da:thumb id="560992289"/>

And here are just a few examples of all the cool stuff you can get! Myst is really good with colors and all sorts of cool patterns, so please check it out and help out my friend! It'd mean a lot. Thank you!
Commission: Aclyone's Pillow Party by MystDreamer PKMNReverieSanctuary: Mortimer Doodle by MystDreamer HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEA by MystDreamer


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm Mia, and I'm a high school student. My primary mediums are pencil and watercolor, but I do some digital stuff too, and I'm about to start experimenting with acrylics! I'm sure you'll also be able to find fanart for things I like here too... I'm always open to constructive criticism and meeting new artists!


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